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Recommended Restaurants in Mexicali - Baja California Norte
Medical Services in Mexicali - Baja California Norte
Dentists - Dental Surgeons
Dental Clinic Chapa. Dental Surgeon. Ana Cristina Chapa Kindling. Odontology in General. All Specialties
Surgical Support to specialized Surgeons
Dipromed. Mexicali. Laparoscopy. Surgical Support Team. Sale of Surgical Equipment

Angiology - Varicose Veins - Vascular Surgery

Angiology Nuricumbo. Angiologist Alejandro Nuricumbo Vazquez. Varicose Vein Surgery. Sclerotherapy. Vascular Surgery. Endovenous Laser Treatment.


Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Martinez. Plastic Surgeon Dagoberto Martinez Gonzales. Plastic. Esthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Victor Ramirez. Surgeon Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic Surgery Gaspar Blanco. Plastic Surgeon. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco  Estethic Surgeon. Reconstructive Surgeon
Esthetic Medicine - Cosmetologists - Botox
Urgently Required (14)
Radiology - Ultrasound
Radiodiagnostico de Mexicali. Radiologist David Uranga Cota. Radiology. Ultrasound. Doppler 3 & 4 D
Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Radiology. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy
Clinical Laboratories

Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties.Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy


Oncolology - Cancer Detection - Pathology

Clinic for Breast and Oncology. Oncologist. Cancer Surgeon. Mario Riviera Sepulveda. Medical and Surgical Cancer Treatments

Pathological Laboratory Valenzuela Pathologist Gilberto Valenzuela Acedo PATHOLOGY. Papanicolau. Cancer Detection


Gynecologists - Urolologists - Kidneys - Fertility

Urologia Zavala. Urologist. Elena de la Cruz Zavala Gonzalez. Diseases in the Urinal Tract

Center for Hemodialisis Nephrologist Manuel Avendaño Garcia - Center for Kidney Diseases & Dialysis

 Medical Office Javier Salvador Arias Tapia MD Alma Angelica Ramirez Bañuelos Hemodialisis

Medical Union for Surgery, Urology, Otorrinolaringology MD Salvador Rodriguez Yañez General Surgeon, Urology

Clinic of Gynecology & Fertility Gynecologist Leonardo Garza Fernandez


Internal Medicine - Diabetes - Endocrinology

Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Internal Medicine. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy

Geriatric Clinic Gonzalez MD Mariana Gonzalez Salazar General Surgeon, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine
Endocrinologic Clinic Bernal MD David Arturo Bernal Gonzalez General Surgeon, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
 Medical Office Javier Salvador Arias Tapia MD Alma Angelica Ramirez Bañuelos Internal Medicine. Diabetes Treatment & Control

Ophtalmology - Eye Doctors - Opticians - Vision

Vision Institute Ophthalmologists Antonio Mendez. David Mendez. Jose L. Villa Aja Eye Surgeon. Retina & Vitreus
Eye Institute Ophthalmologists Fernando Aguilera Zarate. Gelacio D. Garcia Q. Eye Surgeon. Glaucoma, Topografia fondo del Ojo
Eye Clinic Bermejo Oftalmologist Francisco Javier Bermejo de la Pena - Eye Doctor

Gastroenterology - Digestive Tract

Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Gastroenterology. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy

 Specialized Medical Consultancy Gastroenterologist  Jose Juan Durazo Madrid - Digestive Tract

 GSL Endoscopic Surgery  General Surgeon Gilberto Sanchez Limon Obesity. Endoscopy. Gastroenterologist. Coloproctology
Dipromed. Mexicali. Laparoscopy. Surgical Support Team. Sale of Surgical Equipment

Hyperbaric Medicine

Oxilife - Hyperbaric Chamber MD Genaro Esparza Gonzalez Hyperbaric Medicine


Orthopedia - Traumatology

Clinic for Orthopedia, Traumatology & Sports Medicine Ruben Hector Fernandez Zertuche Traumatology, Orthopedics
Orthopedic Clinic Montano  Orthopedic Surgeon Alejandro Montano Torres. Traumatologist

Dermatology - Disorders of the Skin

Specialized Medical Consultancy Dermatologist Ma. Eugenia Tapia Gonzalez  - Disorders of the Skin

Cardiology - Heart Diseases

Dr. Leonardo Mongel Rangel. Cardilologist. Internal Medicine. Pacemaker Implants. Heart Specialist

 Cardiologist Inocencio Perez Montiel. Clinical & Interventional Cardiology. Pacemaker Implants Cardiologist - Heart Specialist
Cardiovascular Clinic Mexicali Cardiologist Armando Luis Padilla Loreto  - Heart Specialist

Otolaringology - Ear, Nose & Throat - Hearing Aids

Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Otolaringology. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy

Proaudio. Audiologist. Maria del Carmen Sanchez Fierro. Otoneurology. Hearing Aids

Centro Ejectivo Reforma. Otolaringologist. Hector Rosario Carillo Herrera Neuro-Otologist.  Audiology. Hearing Aids

Asthma - Allergies - Respiratory Diseases

 Clinic for Asthma Alergologist Juan Valente Merida Palacio Pediatrician,



Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Homeopath. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy


Polyclinic Madero. Most Specialties. Pediatrician. Clinical Laboratory. Radiology. Farmacy


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